Tuesday, August 18, 2020

I Am Back.. Cornmeal Cake

 Dear Readers,

A very good evening to all of you. I got really busy with my life and had forgotten about this blog altogether. I happened to access my google account the other day and came across this blog and all my memories rushed back of those beautiful years when I was newly married and was just learning to manage a house with a kid. And I thought it's a right time to continue sharing my food journey with you all. I have evolved a lot from the time I was newly married woman to now, with more responsibility of parenting two kids and managing a full time job. Along with this even my cooking has evolved and now I can say that I make quite a decent dishes for everyone.

So today as I welcome you all to my blog once again, I would like to share a very unique recipe that I tried yesterday. My hubby dear got maize flour (cornmeal) from D-mart and I had no idea what to do with it and was lying in my pantry for almost a week. And as you all ladies can relate with me, the thought of What to cook for breakfast? is like solving one of the big mysteries of life. And as we are still under lockdown and working from home, everybody wants something new each day for their breakfast. So I took that maize flour packet and decided to make something new for the day. 

Here's what I made, and I call it - Cornmeal Cake