Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Delicacies

Christmas is just one week away, and I am so busy and excited to prepare some goodies and distribute among our community members, that I totally forgot to update my blog.. Till now I have just made some cookies, rum balls and Traditional Fruit cake..Still to make 2 batches of Semolina and coconut cake, brownies, and boiled fruit cake(w/o alcohol..for my son) ...If time permits, which I highly doubt, I would also like to try my hands on Neuri or Karanji.

It is always a proud feeling, when you bake homemade cookies..I am not a professional baker and I did not even have anyone who could teach me.. so I learnt most of my baking from Internet.. Cookies baking are my weak point, I could never get them right.. but I learned some techniques and it helped me in getting good results.. As you can see, my cookies came out nice this time, and I realised that its not the dough that was a problem, the problem was not to have uniform size of cookies while baking.. so this time I rolled the cookies dough in a log and refrigerated it for sometime and then sliced it in 1/4 inch thick slices and baked it in preheated oven..and it was perfect.. I made two types of cookies, one is Nankhatai and another one the raisin cookies. Please check out my next post for the recipes..