Friday, September 14, 2012

About me and the blog...


This post is all about myself and my blog.
About Me

I love food.. and never miss any party whatsoever... I love to try different kind of food.. I was born in a Brahmin family and all my neighbours were Gujratis..Our family was lower middle class.. There are pros and cons of living in a lower middle class- middle class family and even surrounded by them.. Pros are we know all our neighbours, .. we exchange foods.. our doors are open most of the time.. All the kids in the building are our friends.. We even know their relatives.. Its a very friendly environment.. We help each other on every possible basis... Its fun..
The most dangerous cons i can think is.. GOSSIPS...healthy gossips are fine.. but not the unhealthy ones..Neways here my liking for Gujrati foods started...

My mom still stays in the same building... on the 4th floor of the building(which is the last floor) and thrs no lift... We still have some of our Old neighbours there.. and even now you will see ,their doors are open.. and everytime I go to visit mom I have to spend sometime at each our neighbour's place before I reach 4th floor...But I dont mind..its just brings back my old memories.. Infact I make sure I visit there everytime I travel Mumbai..

I strongly believe in Love.. I love romantic movies.. I strongly favor Love Marriages.. If you know that you really love someone.. just go ahead and tell him/her.. dont worry about rejection, atleast you wont regret later... In my case..
My interest in cooking started after marriage.. I learned Mangalorean style cooking from my Mother in Law.. My love for Mahrashtrian food started after I tasted my Sis in law's home food... I dont restrain myself from trying any kind of food.. I had been to Hongkong with my husband, and one of our local friend took us to Lama Island and there we tried different varieties of sea food.. I tasted duck for the first time in HK.. and it was delicious with crispy skin.. I somehow didnt like their desserts.. its little strange and you need to develop the taste to like it.. Whenever I visit any place, my only interest is to taste their local food.. Ohh How I love Food...

In my Free time,  I read novels like Nancy drew(during college days), John Grisham(legal thrillers), Michael Crichton(science fiction), etc.. I never liked Sidney Sheldon novels.. dont know why.. I watch Mentalist, Castle, Criminal Minds,  (Mystery TV series)... Masterchef Australia, Greys Anatomy, or any good movies... I dont like any of those Ekta serials.. I dont like sad stories..

I love shopping.. shopping for clothes.. for shoes....junk jewellery(I even started making beads jewellery).. I am totally a Shopaholic...I am learning to control this habbit.. its difficult.. but am trying.. Wish me luck..

Will post some of my jewellery creation in this blog later..
About My Blog

This blog is about food I learned at different stages of my life and hence the name Shweys Food Journey..

During my initial learning phase I used to read lot of blogs, watch all cookery shows.. even read all the cookbooks(gifted by my friends).. I learned some of the cooking from my Mom and some from my Mother in law.. I also learned some from my gujrati friends... So many recipes I even learned in my office during lunch break.. We had a big group of girls.. and we used to taste everybodys's food.. and share recipes.. They all were like me.. newly married and learning to cook.. When I left the job, they even gifted me with so many cookbooks.. and that too amazing cookbooks.....All these people have contributed in my learning process... and hence now when I know I can cook good food.. I decided to make this blog and dedicate it to all the people who contributed in some ways in making me good cook..  It is also dedicated to my husband and my son who taste my food everyday and give their comments which helps me in becoming a better cook...Thank you guys.. and Love u... :)

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